note: Avid is always available on a sliding scale/always free for marginalized people. Reach out and I’ll set you up. You don’t need to prove anything to me—I just want these tools in the hands of those who need/want them.

Avid is a ritual-building digital workshop designed for readers who crave stable, grounded, sustainable routine.

This workshop explores the root of how and why we read, and as an avid reader I have found it to be very helpful in committing to other daily rituals and acts of self care.

My life has changed since I have created a ritual around my reading practice. I have higher self-esteem, I am more focused, present, and less addicted to the screens around me, and I know how to commit to myself.

This workshop is for readers who:
     + seek more ritual
     + want a digital detox
     + would like to connect to their reading in a deeper and more meaningful way


This is a 4 week digital workshop. You will receive a weekly email with a letter from me, as well as 7 writing prompts to be completed throughout the week. These letters introduce a theme for each week, which is what you will be contemplating as you carry out your daily reading. Each prompt is designed to help you dive deeper into your own practice, and to fully understand your own personal style of commitment to your reading practice.As we move through the month, I will suggest a number of ways to start incorporating other acts of self care into your life. These are gentle suggestions that are focused on sustainability in the hopes of creating lifelong rituals.