alyssa rae natoci

Alyssa Rae Natoci

Alyssa at home. ‘21

Alyssa attended The University of Michigan, majoring in
English Literature & Art History

︎ she then received her BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design in Fashion Studies

Alyssa is currently pursuing her MFA in
Creative Writing & Literature
from Bennington College

︎ It is a top-level “Low Residency” MFA, which allows her to live and work anywhere, traveling only twice a year to Benninigton, VT

Alyssa currently lives on the water in northern Michigan

︎ She frequently travels between New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

Copywriter by day, novelist by night, with a background in literature, wellness, food & wine, fashion, and art history.

Reach out for copy needs, for branding needs, or to simply discuss books & literature.